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Miles Franklin - Papers, mainly literary manuscripts, 190- - 1954

Miles Franklin - Papers, mainly literary manuscripts, 190- - 1954
Mitchell and Dixson Libraries Manuscripts Collection, State Library of New South Wales
Date Range
- 1954

A. Novels, mostly unpublished, 190- - 1949 B. Short stories and sketches, 1905-1954 C. Plays, mostly unpublished, 1908-c.1952. Include Call up your ghosts, c.1945, written with Dymphna Cusack, and Tom Collins at Runnymede. D. Film scenarios, 1920-c.1925 E. Verse, n.d. F. Joseph Furphy, c.1940, written in consultation with Kate Baker G. Laughter not for a cage. 1951-1954 H. Essays and articles, c.1939-c.1946 Include articles on Joseph Furphy, c.1939-1946. I. Talks, c.1937-c.1951. Include talks given on Joseph Furphy, 1940-c.1945, and Rose Scott, 1951. J. Miscellaneous papers, c.1901-c.1954 K. Papers collected, c.1902-1951. Include notes on Tennyson by Joseph Furphy and verse, c.1902-1951, including poems by Mary Fullerton, Ray Mathew, 1951, Rose Scott, 1902, Ian Mudie