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Australian War Memorial Research Centre
Dalley, John Bede Polding (Lieutenant, 2 Division Artillery, AIF b: 1882 d: 1935)


Barr Smith Library, Special Collections, The University of Adelaide
Papers, [ca.1906-1964] - Sarah Elizabeth Jackson


Fisher Library, Rare Books and Special Collections, University of Sydney
Papers - Hugh McCrae
Papers of Zora Cross
Fryer Library and Department of Special Collections, University of Queensland
Letter to E.M. England from Myra Morris
Letters and personal records, 1870-1935 - Steele Rudd
Papers, 1927-1976 - James Devaney


John Oxley Library, Manuscripts and Business Records Collection, State Library of Queensland
Arthur Albert Dawson Bayldon Papers
Arthur Albert Dawson Bayldon Papers
Henry George Lamond Papers
Mabel Forrest Autobiography
Randolph Bedford Papers and Artefact


Mitchell and Dixson Libraries Manuscripts Collection, State Library of New South Wales
Ethel Turner - Diaries, 1889-1928
Ethel Turner - literary papers and related papers, 1894-1951
Ethel Turner - Papers, 1888-1948
Frederic Manning - Papers, 1908-1935
Frederic Manning - Papers, 1909-1968
Henry Gullett - papers, 1835-1966
Jack Lindsay - Diary, 1924 Apr. 25-1925 Jan. 22
Jack Lindsay - Papers, ca. 1935-1970
Marjorie Barnard - Papers, ca.1927-ca.1970
Miles Franklin - Papers, mainly literary manuscripts, 190- - 1954
New South Wales Bookstall Company - records, 1909-1938
Steele Rudd - papers, 1893-1935
Walter G. Henderson papers, ca.1920-1965


National Library of Australia Manuscript Collection
Australian diaries and sketches, 1840-1845 - G. H. Haydon
Collection of manuscripts and correspondence of Australian authors 1864-1925 [manuscript]
Copies of "Some of my bush friends in Tasmania" and "Bush friends in Tasmania", 1860-1891
Correspondence between Louis Becke and Walter Jeffery and with their publishers 1895-1901 [manuscript]
Correspondence, 1937 - Mrs Aeneas Gunn
Letter, [18--] -Louisa Anne Meredith
Letter, 1905 Jan. 1, Essex,to Benners, from Fergus Hume
Letters, 1902 [manuscript] - George Louis Becke
Letters, 1933-1934 - Henry G. Lamond
Letters, documents and newspaper clippings relating to William Lane and the New Australia colony [18--]-[19--]
Literary manuscripts and correspondence, 1901-1926 - Ethel Turner
Manuscripts and correspondence of Mrs Aeneas Gunn, 1905-1937 [manuscript]
Manuscripts and correspondence, [19--] - Mrs Aeneas Gunn
Manuscripts of Hubert Stewart 1894-1902
Newspaper clippings 1923-1938 - Henry Gullet
Papers [ca. 1906] - Giles Seagram
Papers 1877-1933 - Miles Franklin
Papers of Barbara Baynton, 1907-1938 [manuscript]
Papers of Jessie Couvreur (Tasma), 1873-1891 [manuscript]
Papers of Katharine Susannah Prichard, 1851-1970 (bulk 1908-1969) [manuscript]
Papers of Miles Franklin 1887-[ca. 1931]
Papers of Sir Henry and Lady Penelope Gullett, 1887-1961
Papers, [1887-1935] - Ethel Turner
Papers, [ca. 1845]-[ca. 1929] - James Tucker
Papers, 1861-1922 - Rolf Boldrewood
Papers, 1890-1969 - Bernard Cronin
Papers, 1893-1935 - Steele Rudd
Papers, 1893-1974 - Steele Rudd
Papers, 1904-1996 - E. L. Grant Watson
Papers, 1925-1964 - Vernon Knowles
Papers, 1929-1970 - Dorothy Cottrell
Papers, 1948-1969 - Leslie Haylen
Scrap album, 1891-1926 - Rolf Boldrewood
Tales [19--] [manuscript] - Price Warung


State Library of South Australia, Mortlock Library of South Australiana
Alfred Searcy : Summart Record
State Library of Victoria, Australian Manuscripts Collection
Biographical information - Tilly Aston
Diary - Mary E. Fullerton
Letter and press clippings - Dorothea Mackellar
Letters - Douglas Sladen
Letters - Mary E. Fullerton
Papers - Edward Dyson
Papers - Marjorie Clarke
Papers - Mary E. Fullerton
Papers - Steele Rudd
Papers - Winifred James
Papers of Marcus Clarke
Scrapbooks - Mary E. Fullerton


The University of Melbourne Archives
Hay, William Gosse (1875-1945)
Paper of John Armour
Papers - Wilfred Busse
Papers of Gerald R. Baldwin
University of Tasmania Library, Special/Rare Collection
Papers - Hilda Bridges
Papers - Royal Tasman Bridges
Papers of William Edwin Fuller