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Letters - Douglas Sladen

Letters - Douglas Sladen
State Library of Victoria, Australian Manuscripts Collection
MS 13234
Date Range
c. 1865 - c. 1935

Letters ca. 1865-1935, from, and relating to, Adam Lindsay Gordon, including a letter from Gordon to Henry Kendall, and letters from a number of English authors supporting Sladen’s petition for the creation of a monument to Gordon in the Poet’s Corner of Westminster Abbey on the occasion of Gordon’s centenary of birth on 19 October 1933. The collection comprises: 1. A letter from Gordon to Henry Kendall, ca. 1865: Has sent a ms. for comment and remarks "I am sick of writing". Orig ms. and typescript, typescript of Kendall ’s poem, The hut by the black swamp. 2. Photograph of Sladen taken in Australia 1884; Gordon’s tomb, a poem by Sladen in Temple Bar, 1886. Original ms.; Advertisement for an exhibition of antiques, art and coins, Ballarat City Hall, 1933. 3. Photograph of C. Elliott Perryman, ca. 1932, to Gordon; Dingley Dell, 1864-68, poem by Perryman at Port MacDonnell, S.A., Oct 12 1932. 4. Letter from Rudyard Kipling to F.J. Martell of Ballarat 23 Sept 1935, praising Gordon. 5. Letters from 4 English authors to Sladen endorsing proposal for memorial, J.M. Barrie, Philip Gibbs, John Galsworthy and Rudyard Kipling, each including a photograph; note by Sladen on the creation of a monument; photograph of Sladen, 1932, inscribed to F.J. Martell.

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