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Sladen, Douglas (1856 - 1947)

5 February 1856
London, England
12 February 1947
Hove, England


Sladen was born in London and educated Cheltenham College and Trinity College, Oxford. He emigrated to Victoria - where his uncle had been Premier - and married Margaret Muirhead, a squatter's daughter. After studying law at the University of Melbourne, he took a brief appointment in 1883 as a lecturer in modern history at the University of Sydney and then left Australia to return to England. His interest in colonial writing led to the compilation of two centennial anthologies, Australian Poets, 1788 - 1888 (1888) and Australian Ballads and Rhymes (1888). A prolific author, Sladen wrote a number of travelogues, historical studies and biographies, including lives of the colonial poet Adam Lindsay Gordon and Labor Prime Minister Billy Hughes. He published poetry in a wide range of Australian journals and magazines, and was the author of four novels, including Fair Inez: A Romance of Australia (1918).

Published resources


  • Sladen, Douglas, Fair Inez : a romance of Australia, Hutchinson & Co., London, 1918?, 283 pp. Details

Short Stories

  • Sladen, Douglas, 'At the Melbourne Cup', in Martin, A. Patchett (ed.), Oak-Bough and Wattle-Bloom, Walter Scott, London, 1888, pp. 98-125. Details
  • Sladen, Douglas, 'An Inside Station', in Fisher, Lala (ed.), By creek and gully : stories and sketches mostly of bush life, told in prose and rhyme, by Australian writers in England, T. Fisher Unwin, London, 1899, pp. 189-210. Details

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Archival resources

State Library of Victoria, Australian Manuscripts Collection

  • Letters - Douglas Sladen, c. 1865 - c. 1935, MS 13234; State Library of Victoria, Australian Manuscripts Collection. Details