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Lindsay, Norman (1879 - 1969)


22 February 1879
Creswick, Victoria, Australia
21 November 1969
Springwood, New South Wales, Australia


Norman Lindsay was born at Creswick, Victoria, and educated at the local state school. At sixteen he moved to Melbourne, where he worked as a newspaper and magazine illustrator and became caught up in1890s Bohemian life. In 1901 he moved to Sydney and joined the Bulletin as a staff illustrator, an association that continued for the next fifty years. Often remembered primarily as a visual artist, Lindsay also produced many written works, including art and literary commentaries, around ten novels and fifty short stories - many of which were published in the Bulletin and the Lone Hand. He also wrote several books of children's fiction, the most famous of which is The Magic Pudding (1918). His best-known novels are Redheap (1930), Saturdee (1933), and Halfway to Anywhere (1947), which are referred to together as 'the Redheap trilogy'.

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