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Mack, Louise (1870 - 1935)


10 October 1870
Hobart, Tasmania, Australia
23 November 1935
Mosman, New South Wales, Australia


Mack was born at Hobart, and later moved to Sydney and attended Sydney Girls' High School, where she became friends with Ethel Turner. She began contributing to the Bulletin in the early 1890s and published her first novel, The World is Round, in 1896. In 1901 she travelled to England, where she wrote An Australian Girl in London (1902) and became a regular contributor to W T Stead's Review of Reviews and a staff journalist for the Daily Mail. She also continued writing popular novels-several published by Mills and Boon-and travelled widely on the proceeds, living in Florence for six years, where she also became editor of the Italian Gazette. In 1914 she became a war correspondent, and published A Woman's Experiences in the Great War (1915). She returned to Australia in 1916, giving lectures and raising money for the Red Cross. She continued writing in the final years of her life, but ultimately died in poverty.

Published resources


  • Mack, Louise, Girls Together, Angus & Robertson, Sydney, 1898, 226 pp. Details
  • Mack, Louise, The Romance of a Woman of Thirty, Rivers, London, 1911, 374 pp. Details

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