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Bright, Annie (1840 - 1913)


14 July 1840
Mount Hooton, Nottingham, England
21 June 1913
East Melbourne, Victoria, Australia


Bright was born at Nottingham, England, and educated at a local Anglican school. In 1864 she married a Unitarian minister, Rev. James Pillars, and together they came to Sydney, working in the church and opening a school. In 1875 Pillars fell from a cliff top at Bondi and drowned. Bright continued to run the school alone, as well as caring for her young children. She became involved in spiritualism after receiving messages when trying to contact her dead husband. She met spiritualist Charles Bright after attending one of his lectures and they eventually married. As well as publishing an autobiographical novel, A Soul's Pilgrimage (1907), Bright wrote articles and reviews. She was an editor of Cosmos Magazine in the mid-1890s and a writer and editor for the Harbinger of Light.

Published resources


  • Bright, Annie, A Soul's Pilgrimage, George Robertson and Co., Melbourne, 1907, 296 pp. Details

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