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Quin, Tarella (1877 - 1934)


Wilcannia, New South Wales, Australia
Alternative Names
  • Daskein, Tarella (married name)


Quin grew up on her family's sheep and dairy farms in NSW and Victoria, and attended school in Adelaide. She contributed some short articles to the Pastoral Review, before turning to children's fiction. Her first book, Gum Tree Brownie and Other Faerie Folk of the Never-Never, was published in 1910. Other books for children followed, with several illustrated by the well-known artist Ida Rentoul Outhwaite. Quin also wrote three novels for adults: A Desert Rose (1912), Kerno: A Stone (1914) and Paying Guests (1917), with all three based largely on themes of romance and outback life.

Published resources


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  • Quin, Tarella, Paying Guests, Lothian Book Publishing, Melbourne, 1917, 311 pp. Details
  • Quin, Tarella, The other side of nowhere, Robertson & Mullens, Melbourne, 1934, 170 pp. Details

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