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Blitz, Mrs A. (Julia) (1847 - 1923)


New South Wales, Australia
New South Wales, Australia


Blitz was born Julia Myers in New South Wales, and the settings of her works suggest time spent in Sydney as well as rural Queensland. Her first two novels, Heilbronn (1884) and Cousin Polly: A Tale of Cudtheringa (1887-88) were both serialised in the Australian Town and Country Journal, while a novella, The Wartamurtah Estate Prize (1887) was serialised in the Queenslander. In the late 1880s she travelled to London to pursue writing, publishing Digger Dick's Darling, and Other Tales (1888) with Ward Lock & Co. An Australian Millionaire followed in 1893 with a second English edition in 1894 as well as a local edition published by Dymocks. It was widely though not always favourably reviewed in the English press.

Published resources


  • Blitz, A., An Australian millionaire, Ward, Lock & Bowden, London, 1894, 498 pp. Details

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